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Hosted Voice Systems

Hosted voice systems

Hosted Voice Systems in Birmingham

Deliver more functionality than traditional phone systems without the costs of managing and maintaining them!

The benefits of hosted voice systems

If your organisation requires site to site connect for voice communications via dedicated secure infrastructure, we have the perfect solution for you, in the form of our hosted voice systems. 

• We can save your company from having to invest in expensive - VoIP equipment and managing the systems involved.
• We take care of set up and installation, making your life easier.
• Employees are more accessible, whilst limiting maintenance worries.

We provide centralised PABX systems (private automated branch exchange) which allow you to transfer calls from one site to another site without the caller having to dial an alternative number. 

You can also contact individual users from different sites as an internal feature, providing the correct infrastructure is in place.
VoIP equipment
Structured cabling

Structured cabling 

At HTL Telecom Limited, we have over 20 year's experience in designing and implementing structured networks, this infrastructure serves a wide range of uses, from providing telephone service, to transmitting data through a computer network.

Based in Birmingham, but serving nationwide, we can provide leading brands of structured network products along with free advice, so contact us today.

We offer FREE consultation services for all new hosted voice system orders.
For more advice, call 0121 360 4824 to speak to Birmingham's leading telephone system provider, providing services in Solihull, Walsall and more.

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